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Meet ZERT. The cryptocurrency DeFi system that gives you total control over your crypto and doesn't require you to trust anyone. We provide the advanced security and the only solution that guarantees your crypto is safe and under your control at all times.

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Zero Effort,
Risk-free Transactions.

Complete DeFi tech to buy, store, stake and pay in crypto

The next evolution of digital asset storage isn’t reserved just for the elite.


Instant Payments

Access your digital assets anytime and anywhere from you Hot or Cold wallet with fast and secure real-time transactions with ZERT.


Easy to Use

Use the simple, user-friendly interface to access five blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, BNB, USDT, USDC, EUROC and more.


Institutional Grade Security

Get peace of mind knowing that advanced AI, security, and transaction monitoring are all in place. Enjoy reliable transactions without risk.

Manage Digital Assets Easily - All From Your Wallet!

Don't wait around for days to access your crypto funds! With our escrow wallet, you can process transactions securely and quickly get your funds into your wallet. Choose the perfect blockchain network for your speed and digital assets needs from our five supported networks. Our technology offers the ideal solution for all.

Comprehensive Services

Quickly manage digital assets and enjoy more features than traditional wallets such as MPC wallet technology, escrow wallet and transaction security.

Cold and Hot Wallets

Take control over your digital assets and access the convenience of cold /no USB or paper required/ or hot wallet solutions, with no trust required powered by Fireblocks institutional security.

Multi-Chain Support

Access currencies across all blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BNB, Avalanche. Easily convert between fiat and crypto and keep a full history of your transactions.

Regulatory Compliant

Fully compliant with local laws and international regulations to give you the peace of mind to confidently trade.


Try ZERT wallet of the future, today.

Signing up for your ZERT wallet is a rapid and easy process. You can be up and running and creating DeFi account in minutes.