Your transactions, your way.

You can trust your transactions to the new Accounts. It offers an innovative technology for all of your money needs – Personal, Business, and Institutional. Accounts comes with an array of features for every transaction – so no matter the need, we've got it.

Transactions can now be easier, safer and more reliable. We designed Accounts to meet the needs of any customer. Whether you're a Personal, Business or Institutional user, Accounts has you covered.

Join Accounts now and have complete control of your money needs. Take the worry out of everyday transactions and trust Accounts with your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer secure, robust and full featured Zert system for all your digital asset needs.


What is Escrypto?

Escrypto is an advanced blockchain software technology company - where you can buy, stake, store and pay with crypto, licensed/pending/ on 3 continents and connects people and businesses across the globe.


What is ZERT?

Zert is a MPC wallet high tech technology for sefety deposit box for digital assets in cold storage


How do I sign up?

It's a simple process, just follow few steps to create a FREE account. You can use your email, Apple or Google ID.


Can I trust your system?

Zert follows local laws on 3 different continents. We utilize highest security and transaction standards. We have offices in 4 countries.


Can I deposit digital assets into cold storage?

Yes you can self deposit crypto into cold storage with our advanced technology that brings institutional features to retail and small business customers.

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