September 11, 2023

High Tech Retail Safety Deposit Box for Digital Assets Launched

High Tech Retail Safety Deposit Box for Digital Assets Launched

Globally cryptocurrency and digital asset storage service provider, Zert, is launching a digital safety deposit box for retail traders. Named Securith, this exciting new development harnesses the power of technology usually reserved for the institutional market, giving retail traders a level of functionality and security they’ve never been able to benefit from before.

Gone are the days where institutional traders hold all the power and have access to the most effective tools. Defi and cryptocurrency seek to put the power back into individuals' hands, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming to achieve with Securith.

Securing Retail Trader's Assets

As an expert in digital asset storage, Zert offers a range of escrow payment services in addition to hot, warm, and cold storage options. Arguably, retail traders need more protection than institutional traders. Many people hold cryptocurrencies and digital assets they simply can’t afford to lose. Furthermore, active NFT and crypto traders have found themselves operating out of multiple digital wallets. They need a solution that takes their most valuable digital assets and protects them in a cold storage digital wallet.

Securith provides institutional-grade protection to those most vulnerable to malicious scams and hacks. With the addition of recently developed and thoroughly tested technology, Zert has created a cold storage wallet that is near-impenetrable yet unbelievably user-friendly.

It’s developed in a way that makes it overwhelmingly challenging to break into, yet seamlessly smooth for the digital safety deposit box owner to access their assets, remove them, and add new items.

Traditionally, this level of digital asset security would be incredibly costly – hence, it has been limited to institutions. However, Zert is on a mission to bring cryptocurrency to mass-market adoption by tackling the most pressing pain points and worries of society – most importantly security. Now, every level of investor has access to top-level digital asset storage at a wallet-friendly cost.

Even the most naive of retail investors would struggle to let their assets be stolen by hackers.

About Zert

Based out of Miami, FL. Zert is a forward-thinking crypto payment services company and digital asset storage provider to individuals and businesses. Fully licensed/pending/ across three continents, they’re recognized on a global scale for creating safe, simple, and secure solutions that all walks of life can benefit from.

With a range of escrow, hot, cold, and warm digital assets storage solutions, Zert offers a selection of adaptable platforms, enabling businesses and retail investors to use crypto to make and receive payments, opening up a new revenue stream in the process.

To learn more about Zert and its mission to bring user-friendly and robust solutions and encourage mass-market adoption, visit Zert.

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